Our Services

Crafting Menus & Dishes

Do you want an exciting new spring menu using fresh and local ingredients? Need a few new dishes to add some new offerings your core menu. MAYAL HOSPITALITY provide menus, feature dishes, limited time promotional items, or core menu dishes that represent your brand and fit your concept. We can refine or improve current offerings, create efficiencies, simplify or style menus and dishes to maximize equipment use or address specific regional preferences.

Guiding Openings / Relaunches

Renovating or re-launching an existing restaurant is a huge opportunity for you to create a great new first impression. The down time can be a chance to retrain staff, finesse the menu or entirely rework your concept without the pressure of day to day business. Let us help you make a splash, standardize systems, and get it right as the doors open. Our experience in set up, organization and layout are key to your re launch success.

Providing Operational Support

Perhaps you’re a long term owner / operator that needs just a little support identifying operational opportunities, efficiencies and profit potential. Maybe you’re a big picture visionary that needs a hands on leader to develop your concept. Operator hand holding is available working with you through every step from kitchen design and construction, supplier and service procurement, to grand opening day with as much or as little support you deem necessary.