About Us

Our Aim

Opening a restaurant and need some guidance to make your dream a reality? Want to take your restaurant to the next level? Are you looking to stand out in crowded market place and out preform your competitors? From development of a few new dishes to launching a brand new concept from scratch, let MAYAL HOSPITALITY help you achieve your goals with a new perspective from seasoned industry professionals. Call us for a free initial consultation and let us contribute to building your success. Let’s get cooking!

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Mission Statement

Want to take your restaurants to the next level? Looking for fresh ideas or menu trends to keep your concept fresh and relevant? Need to make sure franchisees are in compliance with or meeting brand standards?
We can implement standardized systems, operational tools, or execute restaurant audits. We can develop your brand profitability with product development, LTO’s, menu engineering, and team-member training. Extensive experienced in purchasing, master distributor transition, development or improvement of existing proprietary products enabling your concept to save money and improve quality.

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